Students tutoring students

Back in the day, it was not at all uncommon for most young people to babysit as their part-time job while they studied. A full-time position is too much work to maintain while studying at the same time, and so babysitting became an easy, word-of-mouth job to bring in some extra money. These days, however, tutoring has taken centre stage as this generation’s extra income job of choice while studying. Tutoring is a fantastic way for students working towards their own academic successes to sharpen their skills while simultaneously making money in the process.

In covering the content from the point of view of the teacher, as well as the student, tutors can understand content in a more rounded, wholesome way. Tutoring can be an excellent confidence booster as well. Going from sitting in the classroom taking notes to going through your student’s notes is a drastic change, and it takes an organised person to be able to be a tutor for the long haul. Education is one of the most time-consuming, difficult processes that an individual can go through, and the rewards speak for themselves – at the end of the degree. Before graduation, however, there are the gruelling years of trying desperately to balance full-time (or part-time) study with family, friends, and working. For most students, a job is simply out of the question. With all the time out of the classroom as well as in it that needs to be dedicated to studying, spending precious time waitressing or working in retail seems like an added stress that is unnecessary. There are only a few jobs that students can juggle seamlessly with studying.

For individuals that love teaching and have a firm grasp on the course content, putting one’s hand up to become a tutor can be fantastic not only for them to sharpen their skills, but for the students that they take on as clients. In having a tutor that is invested in the process and truly understands the material being covered, students that invest in tutoring can truly get the best out of the experience. For the student taking on the tutoring position, becoming a tutor can improve their education tenfold.

More than any generation before us, we understand the financial impact of having to pay for an education – whether it be straight up payments (as in the USA) or through payment plans (like in Australia). Studying and working simultaneously can be difficult, and near impossible for some students. Tutoring is one of the only jobs that enables students to take on a paid role while also ensuring that they actively engage in the course content. Students that take on tutoring roles not only teach themselves valuable lessons about accountability and responsibility, but they also make the transition from student to teacher as seamlessly as anyone could hope to. Tutoring is practically the only job that a student can take on that gives them the opportunity to expand on their academic education as well as providing sound financial income.