Technology education can be learned at any level

Most bigger companies and organizations have their own IT (information technology) department. For those times when a computer crashes or worse, just won’t turn on, the IT guys are there to help. Sometimes mornings in the office might consists of spending 45 minutes on the phone with the IT help desk trying to reset and account or a password. Although it may seem like an annoying thing to have do, many office workers are thankful for their very helpful IT team. Not all of us are completely tech savvy, but it can help to know a little more about a technology. From DevOps experts to simple online videos, there are many ways to find training in the technology field.

For those born in the 80s and 90s, they essentially grew up with technology used in classrooms. The 2000s generation grew up with screens readily available to them. For the older generations, they grew up using landlines and sending handwritten letters. For them, technology didn’t come as easily because they were not taught how to use a computer in school. The most technology they had was a typewriter, a television, or a radio. This generational gap in technology knowledge can create communication barriers between the two. For example, a teenager trying to explain how to use an iPhone to their grandparent can be frustrating for both parties. The teenager grew up with a phone essentially attached to them while the grandparent is using a cellphone for the first time. This difference in technology usage does create necessary barriers. The older generation simply has to be self taught when it comes to in home technology. Thankfully, many online programs can now help teach all types of technology.

Learning more about technology and troubleshooting can make an individual’s resume more attractive to potential employers. Understanding how to use the internet and type on a keyboard is not the same as understanding the science and development that goes into computers and their software. Online courses are available to those looking to expand their knowledge and skills in information technology. This can be beneficial to employers and the employee because they will not have to call IT every single time one little thing goes wrong with the computer. Being able to individual troubleshoot problems saves all parties a lot of time and hassle.

Along with individual troubleshooting, some online programs now offer courses for students wanting to learn more about website development. Full stack developers are increasing in demand in the workforce. Traditionally, websites were created by front end and back end developers that did varying tasks including writing in script and code language. Full stack developers are able to do both front end and back end development for websites. For some, technology comes easy, for others that is not always the case. Technology courses can be taught for any level. So whether a student is a beginner or they have an advanced degree in a technology field, it can always be beneficial to keep learning.