6 study tips for stressed students

It goes without saying that being a student can be a stressful experience. With so many assessments to study for and stay on top of, it can be easy to fall off the wagon sometimes. Thankfully, there are many effective and valuable study tips out there to assist in navigating your way through these decidedly stressful times. But with so many study tips out there, how can one tell which are the most effective of all? Well, these are the six most effective and popular study tips – especially for stressed students.

 Plan the semester study sessions ahead of time

 Believe it or not, taking the time to sit down and structure out your study sessions ahead of the semester’s start is one of the best study tips you can get. By organising as best you can ahead of time, you effectively allow yourself the time to get ahead. Map it out on a whiteboard in your study area, and copy it into a diary or your Google Calendar, so that as the semester progresses, you can fit in social and personal events around your study sessions and your work schedule.

 Form a reliable study group

 Forming a strong study group gives you the opportunity to bounce ideas and understandings of the course material off one another. This gives you a more wholesome perspective on the material, and allows you to look at it from multiple angles, rather than just the one perspective (i.e. your own perspective). As a bonus, your study group often become some of your best and most trusted friends in college.

 Break assessments into segments

 Sometimes a big assessment can seem particularly daunting. Breaking down the assessment into smaller segments is a fantastic way to alleviate the stress, while also ensuring that you are dedicating specific energy and time to each smaller segment of the assignment. When things look more manageable from the onset, they are easier to motivate yourself to complete – even if you are more stressed than usual.

 Take breaks to fit in life

 While of course the main sticking point of college is that you are focused, you also must take breaks to fit in life and everyday activities. Whether it is going to the gym, doing the groceries, having a family dinner, or even something as simple as reading a book that isn’t on any of your course material outlines, taking a break allows you to

 Try CBD oil to help focus the mind

 CBD oil has been found, time and again, in recent years to be a viable treatment for anxiety, depression, and other stressors. Making use of CBD oil to help focus the mind is a great way to push yourself into focus without doing anything too heavy to get there. THC-free, CBD is as organic a booster as you can find, and it also happens to be one of the most effective.

 Step away from the books now and then

 This might be the most surprising study tip of all, but sometimes the best thing you can do for your grades is to take a step back from the books for a while – even a few days. Essentially, this is the larger iteration of taking study breaks. Your mental health is just as important, if not more so, than your physical health – and it is certainly more important than academic success. Taking a few days for yourself allows you the head space and time to regroup and replenish your mindset.