Yun Zhang

YUN ZHANG 180pxMy name is Yun Zhang and I am a first year postdoc in Dr. Weihong Song’s lab in the department of Psychiatry. I would like to serve as VP-Operations in the UBC PDA based on my ample experience gained in a similar position in medical school. In addition, during my PhD study in Experimental Medicine, UBC, I also successfully co-organized some academic events, such as Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute (VCHRI) trainee networking, which provided a good opportunity for researchers from different centers and programs to present their research studies and communicate with each other. As the VP-Operations, I will continue to organize similar type of academic and other activities to provide the great community of UBC postdocs the opportunity to know each other better and share the excitements of our work. I will also organize seminars and workshops benefiting to our professional development. To act as a representative for all the postdocs, I will serve as a liaison between postdoc, faculty and administration to promptly convey the concerns and important information. I am looking forward to working together with other executive members of the PDA and aim to make a wonderful UBC postdoc community with our enthusiasm and passion.