Insight Conference Part 2: Sailing Ships

Following Trina Mousseau’s presentation, the conference attendees were split into separate workshops. I attended the market research workshop with Nick Black, the Vice-President at Concerto Marketing Group.

The PowerPoint presentation itself was interesting, but what was most intriguing was definitely the insight he offered in addition to the accessible presentation. He explained an aspect of marketing, which he knows best, that is rarely discussed in classroom situations.

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Two categories, he said, fell under marketing: Agency and Client.




Strategy Media



(Concerto, Inventa)


Coca  Cola


“ATL” is short for above the line, which refers to press releases, television and the like which are targeted mainly towards the masses.

“BTL” stands for below the line, which targets more specific individuals with catalogues, mail, promotions and can gather a bit more specific insight.

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Nick then proceeded to talk about the pros and cons of starting out in each section, and this immediately led me to recall a past Commerce class when the table of income for entrepreneurs and employees was displayed. The question posed as to whether or not one should work in an environment of structure and monotony, or enter into a field with relatively less pay to start with, but is a job that is more individual and enjoyable.

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05. October 2010 by Valerie Song
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