Walt Disney: Entrepreneur

If you can dream it, you can do it.”-Walter Elias Disney

Once Upon A Time,

there was a man who started off with a small but brilliant idea. Walt Disney was an entrepreneur who left behind a legacy, not to mention an entrepreneurial company now worth more than $72 billion, that triggered a snowball effect which lead to huge advancements in motion pictures, animation, and eventually three dimensional cartoons (Pixar Animations). In addition, Disney also started the first of the themed parks or “playlands.”

To put into perspective the huge impact and success the Walt Disney Company has made since it’s inception in the 1920’s, one can simply ask: “what is one thing that repeatedly comes to mind whenever someone mentions princesses, fairytales, or children’s Halloweens?”

The company is extremely unique in that each new princess, animal, or toy movie it releases basically launches its own franchise; within a short amount of time, one movie produced by Disney could create a substantial amount of wealth. No other company comes close to producing as many universally renowned icons as Disney: Mickey Mouse, Tinkerbell, Winnie the Pooh, Toy Story, Hannah Montanna, 101 Dalmations… and the list goes on. Most importantly, though, the motifs and images consistently maintained is a crucial component to the company’s connotations of happiness, integrity, devotion, and love.

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16. November 2010 by Valerie Song
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