My Top 5 Most Anticipated New Touchscreen Laptops of 2012

On a crazy new hunt to find a new personal laptop, I have been roaming the tech forums. According Computex reports, the trend this year is a series of hybrid, multi-purpose Windows 8 laptops that boast of their light weight, long battery life, and high processing power. I personally believe that, with the rise of Windows 8, the trend for computers in the future will move towards not just touch screen now, but towards “All-In-One” –  screens not restricted to phone/tablet/laptop that allow multiple inputs (fingers, palms, pens) by multiple users at a time, allowing more use for the laptop. The new Microsoft Office was an upgrade long overdue, and it will be the perfect finishing touch.

1. ASUS Taichi

I first saw this laptop on Tech2’s post. After some intense Googling, I came across Engadget’s photos and reviews of the beast.

  • Two screens (one of which is a touchscreen), both LED backlit, IPS panels with Full HD resolution
  • tablet when notebook is closed, but apparently Asus claims you can use both screens at the same time
  • lightweight, offered in  11.6-inch and 13.3-inch
  •  Intel’s 3rd Generation Ivy Bridge CPUs
  • matte silver and black interior, backlit keyboard
  • SSD


2. Samsung  Series 5 and 7 Hybrid PC

I have personally never been a fan of any Korean electronic product for their constant poor quality and short life span, but I’m trying to be hopeful about this hybrid PC for its pen integration. Crossing my fingers that it will not be laggy. This is supposed to be a Transformer-style tablet PC with a S-Pen (yes, like the ones from Galaxy Note).

3. Surface by Microsoft

So this doesn’t officially count as a tablet PC, but its amazing specs and functionality have rendered it onto my consideration list. The difference with this compared to other tablets, regardless of Android or iOS, is that besides Windows RTS, it will also offer Windows 8 Pro, which means that it should have capabilities comparable to a laptop. With a quad core and up to 128GB of internal storage, it should be an extremely amazing student companion device. It is set to release October 26, 2012.

4. Asus Transformer AiO

What astounds me is ASUS’s ability to dual boot Android and Windows 8 on a tablet. Surprisingly, this device is neither laptop nor tablet; it is a giant 18.4 inch desktop.

5. Acer Aspire S7

A beautiful, sexy and sleek laptop that duals as a tablet! Good thing they offer it in 13.3 inch models, as tablets are usually 10-some-odd inches. Not many specs have been released about this laptop yet, but it looks very promising. However, as ultrabooks as this usually use SSD, I am gauging prices to be expensive even for 128 GB. Still better than 32GB on a tablet though!



That’s it for now. I’m sure there will be more as the time goes on, but I am very excited to see how this trend progresses. Perhaps I’ll make an update entry!

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12. September 2012 by Valerie Song
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