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MERGE Cube – STEM Learning

A STEM toy for learning science and math concepts for all ages. Here is the guide:

There is also have a VR development section with tutorials for learning how to create games and app in VR using Unity. That resource page is

Let’s travel the world using VR

Will you travel around the world in 80 days or travel the world using VR?

In a 19th century setting, from Jules Verne’s iconic novel, Phileas Fogg had to prove the Royal Academy of Science that he can circumnavigate the world in 80 days.

In a current 21st century, you can travel the world, 1300 destinations in 193 countries in one round-the -world-ticket!

But what about travelling the world without really moving away from where you are? If that’s the travel you like, then grab your VR headset and watch here!