DIY Holiday Gifts

By Sonia Shao, Gage Residence Advisor

Always afraid to look at your credit card bill at the end of December? Check out these awesome ideas for gifts on a budget!

1) Homemade CD Prep Time: 30 minutes
This one is simple. Just take a blank CD and fill it with songs that remind you of that certain someone or that you think that person would like!

2) Homemade Chocolates/Truffles Prep Time: 3 hours
This one is great to make for many people at the same time! Simply follow a recipe to make some chocolate truffles and buy a pack of clear plastic bags and a roll of ribbon from the dollar store, line your truffles inside nicely, tie the bag with a ribbon, maybe even attach a card, and gift away!

Looking for a truffles recipe? Here’s one you can use:

3) Coupon Books Prep Time: 1.5 hours
Make your own coupon book for someone as a gift! All you have to do is take some poster paper, cut it up into small, index card sized pieces and staple them together into a booklet (and maybe even decorate them a little). Then on each card, write down things they can redeem that certain coupon for: a free babysitting night from you (great for new parents!), a home cooked meal, a back rub, or take this chance to write some sexy coupons for your special someone.

Alternative: If you can’t think of any favours you can do for someone, you can also turn this coupon book into a recipe book! Simply fill the pages with all of your favourite recipes. Sharing is caring!

4) Memory Advent Calendar Prep Time: 1 hour
One of my favourite things about December is advent calendars! This year, I have a different idea for my advent calendar. Instead of just giving a boring old advent calendar, go buy an advent calendar, carefully open all the “windows”, take out all the candy, and replace them with little folded pieces of paper that have written down your favourite memories from the year of you and the person you’re giving this to. This is a perfect sentimental gift to give to your best friend or significant other. Bonus? You get to eat all the chocolates from the calendar! J

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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