What are you doing this summer? Options for students.

by Trisha Roberson, Gage Residence Advisor

Looking for some options over the summer?  Here are my top picks!

  • Explore

What is it? 5 week french-immersion program put on by universities across Canada.

“Discover another region of Canada while learning French. Explore offers you five weeks to make discoveries, meet new people, and exchange ideas in a stimulating environment for learning your second language. Experience something new. Discover your country and your personal capabilities!

Knowing a second language is essential — and French can help you get around almost anywhere in the world. So why not seize this opportunity to increase your chances of having the best possible future?

Explore is a five-week intensive language-learning course. You can take the course in the spring or summer, whichever you prefer. You can also take a job for the rest of the summer, if you wish.*

Participants in Explore receive a $2,000 bursary (taxable income) that covers tuition fees for the course, instructional materials, meals, and accommodation. The educational institution you will be attending receives the bursary directly.

Explore offers courses adapted to your level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced), as well as many activities that allow you to meet with others from across the country who wish to improve their French. Some schools may give credits or equivalences for Explore, so check with the institution to which you wish to transfer your credits or where you wish to obtain equivalences.”


  • Meals, accommodation, tuition, and 6 transferable credits, all FREE
  • You can do a Young Canada Works work exchange program upon graduation

Deadline February 28, 2012

 More Information


  • Young Canada Works

What is it? A work program for Canadian citizens, permanent resident, or refugees, put on by the Government of Canada.

“Young Canada Works (YCW) offers students and recent graduates the chance to put their skills to the test, build career equity, earn money for their education or get started on the right career path. Summer jobs and internships give young people access to unique opportunities to learn and work, whether it be to practise their second language, work in a museum, an Aboriginal friendship centre or even travel abroad.

 You might organize cultural, sports, or recreational projects in an Aboriginal friendship centre or in a heritage organization. Or you may gain practical work experience while improving your second-language skills. Or you might learn new skills in preserving and promoting our cultural heritage. Apply and gain valuable experience, establish contacts within the workplace and have fun this summer.”


  • Acquiring valuable work experience and skills
  • Giving you the opportunity to explore and discover new regions within Canada
  • Helping you pay for your education

 Deadline February 1, 2012

 More Information https://youngcanadaworks.ca

  •  FSWEP (Federal Student Work Exchange Program)

What is it? A program to work for the Government at jobs all across Canada

“The prime objective of FSWEP is to provide full-time students with work experience related to their field of study and to provide them with learning opportunities. The program is also designed to give full-time secondary school, CEGEP, college, technical institute and university students employment opportunities that will:

  • Enrich their academic programs;
  • Help fund their education and encourage them to complete their studies;
  • Develop their employability;
  • Improve their ability to find good jobs after graduation;
  • Offer insights into future employment opportunities; and
  • Help them evaluate their career options within the public service. “
  • Fair and equal access to student jobs offered by the public service;
  • Opportunities to learn about the federal government; and
  • Valuable work experience while developing and improving their employability”


  • Good pay
  • Help fund your education
  • Can obtain a job in a different region of Canada and live there for a summer

Deadline varies

 More Information http://jobs-emplois.gc.ca/fswep-pfete/index-eng.htm (Google “FSWEP”)

  • NSERC USRA (Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada Undergraduate Student Research Award)

What is it? Paid undergraduate research for Science or Engineering students.

“Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA) are meant to stimulate your interest in research in the natural sciences and engineering. They are also meant to encourage you to undertake graduate studies and pursue a research career in these fields. If you would like to gain research work experience that complements your studies in an academic setting, these awards can provide you with financial support through your host university. NSERC encourages qualified Aboriginal students to apply to this program..”


  • Paid summer job
  • Research in your field of study!
  • Work with a prof – great for letter of recommendation
  • This is a pretty prestigious reward and is great experience if you’re thinking of heading to grad school

Deadline Set by the university – you can apply to anywhere in Canada!

 More Information http://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/students-etudiants/ug-pc/usra-brpc_eng.asp  (Google “NSERC USRA”)



  • CSSG (Canadian Summer School in Germany)

What is it? A German Immersion program

“The upcoming CSSG Program could see you…

  • Living in a German home and improving your German by leaps and bounds.
  • Earning Canadian university credits.
  • Going to plays, operas, concerts, and a Bundesliga soccer game
  • Witnessing German/European history and culture in action.
  • Discovering Germany through study trips and excursions
  • Walking through the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
  • Making German and Canadian friends (See Tandem Partner Project)
  • And much more including the opportunity to stay in Germany for the rest of the summer, continue learning German, and work with the Work Student Program Werkstudentenprogramm (WSP).  Read more about combining CSSG & WSP! “


  • Learn German
  • Live in Germany
  • Have fun and make friends

Deadline January 31, 2012

 More Information http://www.augustana.ualberta.ca/programs/lab/international/cssg/  (Google “CSSG”)


  • Other Ideas
  • Tree planting in BC/Alberta/Ontario
  • Service Projects
  • Summer School
  • Work-Learn or Work-Study
  • Travelling
  • Work at UBC Farm


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