Spoiled yourself silly this reading week?

By Natalie Ng, Residence Advisor

How to lose the calories and get your health out of the red:

 1.    Walk

People severely underestimate the power of walking. Walk to class, walk to the village (hopefully not to get McDonald’s), take the stairs! The more-often-than-not-malfunctioning elevators may just be a blessing in disguise. Residents living on the higher floors, take note.

 2.    Hit the gym

If you need something more efficient, the Bird Coop is just right across the street from us. The pool’s also open daily, and it’s free! Take advantage of your student benefits.

 3.    Drink water, not soda

Ever wondered why you eat nothing, but still gained weight? It’s the sugared liquids you have been consuming everyday, and this includes fruit juice. Not to mention that most packaged fruit juices are not freshly made. Cut the sugar, lose the fat.

 4.    Make proper food

Now I’m not talking about those Kraft Dinners or instant noodles that we are ever so guilty of. Cooking your own food takes a bit of time, but they are worth the effort. A way to make this more efficient is to cook in large volumes during the weekends. You will also become more aware of what goes into your food – remember to watch the oil and salt!

 You’re as old as your arteries (which will rust if you let them). Take little steps everyday and enjoy a better quality of life.

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