Top 5 reasons why you should GoGlobal with UBC!

by: Amanda Kettler

Have you ever wanted to study abroad but weren’t sure if it was the right choice for you? Here are my top 5 reasons why you should GoGlobal with UBC!


  1. Learn a New Language

There’s nothing like learning a new language in a country where the language is actually spoken. Going on exchange allows you to practice your skills in an everyday environment.  You’ll probably also get the chance to pick up some fun slang words you wouldn’t otherwise learn too.


  1. Personal Development

The experience of living in a new country is a good mix of terrifying and awesome.  The challenges may seem overwhelming at times, but they will push you to experience new things and further your own personal development.


  1. Travel

Being on exchange gives you a unique opportunity to live in a new place.  Not only this but there are likely a bunch of opportunities to take a weekend, or longer to explore a new city or even a new country! Experiencing new places is also a great way to learn about them.  Spending an afternoon exploring Versailles is a lot more exciting than reading a textbook about it in my books.

  1. Meet new People

One of the most exciting parts about exchange is all of the people you get to meet from all around the world.  Not only does this give you an awesome friend group, and a couch to sleep on in a bunch of different cities around the world it also helps to expand your network which can prove very useful when looking for a job after graduation.

5.Internationalize your degree

Not only does it look good on your resumé to have a wide array of experiences, but going abroad can help you to garner a new understanding and perspective of the world.  Teaching and learning are not the same all over the world and experiencing this variety is a great way to open your eyes to different possibilities.  This is also a great opportunity to take a new to you class.  All of the credits you take on exchange are guaranteed to transfer back to UBC so why not try something you never have before?

5.5 The Food

This isn’t really a top five-er but enjoying all the yummy new food is always a highlight. From eating fermented shark in Iceland to perogies in Poland it is always an adventure!


Where to Go?

Now to decide where to go! This can be overwhelming, especially because UBC has partner universities in 38 different countries on every inhabited continent.  I’d suggest making a list of all the places you are interested in and then slowly narrowing it down.  You can do this by making a separate lists of ‘must-haves’ for your exchange school, like guaranteed housing or class size, and then go from there.

Also, If going far from home sounds like it’s too much of a commitment for you, you can always go on exchange to the University of Washington in Seattle…only a short bus ride away!

Exchange still sound like to much of a commitment? Check out UBC’s short term international programs, like Group Study or International Service Learning offered over the summer!


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