By Anthea Low
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Favourite city to shop in…
I visited Melbourne for the third time this past summer, and 50% of my time there was spent shopping (or window shopping). One of my biggest frustrations from living in Vancouver is the taxes that get added to the price tags. When I decide to buy a top for $12, that decision was based on $12 and not $12 + GST + PST. Not that Melbourne shopping is tax free, but they have already built those amounts into the prices of items. Plus, they had amazing sales when I was there!

Somewhere I wish I went when I was older…
I visited Egypt when I was 13. Even though I feel very privileged to have traveled there, I was unable to appreciate the historical and cultural value of this amazing country at that age. Given the chance to visit again, I think I’d be even more impressed by the grandeur of what Egypt has to offer.

Somewhere I wish I could visit again…
My trip to Korea was one of the rare ones where we had joined a tour group. I’ve heard so many great things about Seoul (in relation to shopping especially) that don’t exactly match up to my personal experience. Our tour went to the key “attractions” like Lotte World and Namdaemun market, but the natural rush of all tour groups did not give us the time to fully enjoy the place. Definitely want to give it a second shot!

#1 on my wish list…
I don’t really know why…I just want to go 🙂

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