If you are like me and have intense FOMO, here are some tipds to deal with it! 🙂

1) Realize where you are now and where you want to be:

Short term fun can get in the way of long term gains, therefore before deciding to drop everything and go party, think about how that will affect your long term goal. Are you as focused as you need to be right now as this moment? I’m NOT saying turn into a hermit and dissociate from life. All I’m saying is it’s good to have balance, which I am trying to practice right now!

2) Turn your surrounding into your ideal (BEYONCE) zone:

If you are like me again and LOVE LOVE LOVE dancing, and like to go out to dance, here is my tip to you. Turn up those speakers, click on your favourite 8 tracks playlist and jam out with some friends in your room, or even by yourself. A good let loose session gets some blood flowing, gets you moving and allows you to express yourself! Also, this way you saved about 2 hours of your time showering, getting ready, looking good, etc, etc. I save money and time, which is every student’s dream.

3) Create a fun study group:

Sometimes your FOMO can be diminished by having some friends around you! Instead of trying to focus in your dungeon, might as well have some friends around to have some social interactions to decrease your FOMO.swerve

Hope these tips help you get over your FOMO!  For now, good luck to everyone on their exams and hope you have a fabulous year with us at GAGE 🙂

Your friendly advisor,

Sharon Sehrai

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