best napping spots on campus

By Sanjana Akellasleep
Residence Advisor

Sometimes your bed is too far away, even if you live on campus. Sometimes your book/laptop isn’t nearly as comfy as you thought it would be. BUT…if you need that nap ASAP, I’m here to help you with that.

1) That couch – 3rd floor, Buchanan D

Comfy and warm but high chances of you being that person taking up prime napping space #sorrynotsorry . For y’all Arts kids – possibly near your classes so you *might* not be late.

Bonus – couches in Law library (Allard Hall), Brock Hall,  Abdul Ladha Science Student Center, Kaiser, Woodward,  First Nations Longhouse, Asian Library.

2) That flag – Rose Garden

When you’re that eager first (or third) year student wanting to spend every moment within eyesight of the sea AND mountains. Not as comfy but you’ll wake up feeling refreshed, enlightened and with your phone filled with a million pictures (of the same view).

3) That grass – Marine Drive Courtyard

You went there to study with some friends at the commonsblock. You “ate too much and felt sleepy”. You promised to nap for 10 minutes, set 2 different alarms and made 3 friends verbally agree to wake you up. This was all in vain – sweet, cushiony grass + warmth from sunshine + shade from tree = deep naptastic sleep.

4) That bench – Near EOSC by Main Mall

You know those fancy, reclining benches adorned with students reading fancy books (for pleasure)? Show off your best (embarrassing) nap face in this public, occasional frisbee-in-yo-face zone.

5) That chlorine – UBC Aquatic Center

Umm…I don’t know who does this. Why? Kindly explain.

Honorable mention: Every 8 am, afternoon and past 6 pm class (especially in Hebb, CIRS and Forestry!)

Happy napping and stay sleepy my friends!

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