How to purchase electronics at a discount

By Jerry Zhang

Residence Advisor

(shop locally by searching smartly)

Step 1

Search Far and Wide

Look online. Start at Newegg, Amazon and Shopbot. Check and consider the prices. is excellent tool that searches many Canadian internet retailers to find you the cheapest price.

Look locally and see what they have in their physical stores. With many big box retailers such as Bestbuy and Futureshop you are able to look at the amount in stock. You don’t want to go take the 99 and come back disappointed when that TV or laptop is sold out in-store.

Step 2

Price Match

Always look at multiple sources to find the lowest price. Many retailers with price match a competitor’s price. Both Bestbuy and Futureshop have excellent policies of not only matching but beating that price by 10% the price difference.

Step 3

Save and Enjoy, But of pitfalls

Beware of re-stocking fees

Retailers like NCIX may have a lower price than Futureshop or Bestbuy but beware that they also carry a 15% restocking fee. So if you don’t like something or simply want an exchange you will have to pay big dollars in the end. If you find something cheaper price match it and not only will Futureshop or Bestbuy beat that lower price but they won’t charge you a restocking fee.

Beware of added shipping and customs charges when shipping from the United States.

Beware of buying electronics from unauthorized dealers as that would void the warranty.


Brenthavent 13 inch MacBook Pro Sleeve

Bestbuy price of 49.99 price of 10.99 with free shipping included

Total cost was less than 12 dollars including taxes saving of over 70%.

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