Exam Jukebox: Finding the Right Groove to Set the Right Mood

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! When students are piling into Irving wearing the comfiest clothes and the heaviest backpacks, staking a claim over one small spot for the entire day/week(s). During this time of high stress you’d want to spend your time flying through your math problems like a whiz but with classes finished, it also seems like a great time to start going down the Netflix rabbit hole.

One reason you might procrastinate is that you haven’t found the right study atmosphere. People think that a productive environment is dependent on location, but what you hear has an impact on how you study. Often you don’t even know what kind of ambience you need to study effectively until you test it out. Take the opportunity to figure your study soundtrack this exam period with some Songza playlists (with some personal commentary on what I like):

No Lyrics:
Classical for Studying – This is one of my favourite playlists to read to! Let the Classics be the perfect background noise to your drier readings.

Jazz for Reading – Jazz can be really distracting for me because I just get lost in the music but this playlist strikes a great balance of keeping you focused while keeping you from falling asleep and drooling in your book.

In a Busy Coffee Shop – I find that the coffee shop environment is the best when writing those really tough final papers. Those distant murmurs give enough of a distraction and lead to the best arguments.

Epic Film Scores – This playlist is great when you really need that motivational push. Turn your study sessions into epic battles with the soundtrack from Jurassic park, Inception, and more.


Blogged 50 – Songza collects all these songs from music blogs so you don’t have to. Listening to new music keeps it interesting, and keeps you and your mind fresh.

Mellow Electronica – Mellow Electronica allows you to keep the sick beats that keep you motivated without sending you straight to the dance floor.

Chillwave – Listening to the soothing sounds of vintage synths makes it hard to stress out and is a great tool to calm you down during crunch time.

Old School Rap – For some reason Old School Rap and complex math problems go hand in hand. I honestly don’t know why, but it works!

-Umaima Baig

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