An elgy for my lost teeth

~reminescing to that time i flushed my false teeth down the toilet.~

Do pearly whites
reach the Pearly Gates
through tiny holes in porcelain bowls?

I mourn at night
for liths of white
as regret assaults my mind.

I curse my surgeon
who builds his fortune
on such ill-fitting designs.

The feeble hold
of the glue that moulds
the palette to my gum.

You could not stay
’til the end of day
and keep me from this slum?

Though lost to sea
my iv’ry debris
may be swallowed by a fish.

Caught in the quay and served to me,
the epitome of irony,
filleted upon a dish.

-Aaron Bailey


DIY : Home Workouts!

It is no secret that some degree of challenging physical activity is positive for most people. Not everyone can be physically active in the same way, but for those of us that are able to challenge our bodies in one way or another, it is highly recommended that we do so!

Some benefits of physical activity:
• It makes us physically stronger by tearing and then re-building muscles
• We use the some of the calories we have consumed to produce energy, rather than allowing all of them to become stores of fat (which are not completely bad!)
• It wakes us up! Blood flow is increased as our hearts pump to get blood to areas that are working extra hard.

Sometimes, the trek to the gym just isn’t that appealing – or we don’t want to wait for a treadmill, or we don’t want to pay for a gym membership, or we don’t like using weights or elliptical machines.

What to do instead?

Here are three easy at-home-workout resources that don’t always require equipment and will do a fine job of waking up those dormant parts of your body! Just don’t forget to have a healthy 4:1 carb:protein ratio afterwards, followed by a good protein-rich snack!

1. Nike+ Training Club (iOS app)
This application can be downloaded to your telephone or iPad, and offers you a wide range of workouts that vary in difficulty, muscle group targeted, and duration. Feeling like you need to burn off some negative energy? Try a 45-minute strength workout that will hit every part of the body! Want to tighten up your back muscles or abs, but don’t have a lot of time? Opt for a 15-minute “Focus” workout. Some workouts suggest weights, but those can be replaced with water bottles, textbooks, or any other items with weight!

2. 7-Minute Workout
The 7 MWC application is more-or-less exactly what it sounds like: An app that provides a set workout that will take 7 minutes to complete. You are able to set the workout to cycle through more than once, to extend your workout’s duration, but if you are in need of a pick-me-up, and want to get your blood pumping, go for the 7-minute workout! No weights required.

3. Way of Gray (www.wayofgray.com)
Way of Gray was created by a young woman from Edmonton, Alberta, named Sophie Gray, who wanted to create easy, at-home workouts that do not require a lot of time but have a big impact! She has four different workout packages that you can purchase on her website (for $10 each, or as part of a bundle with recipe books included), and each package offers 16 unique workouts scheduled to be done in four weeks. The best part is that you can go back and use the workouts on any day in any order you feel like! The workouts generally fall between 15 and 25 minutes in duration. No weights required.

Exercise your mind, spirit, and body, in whatever way that might mean for you!

-Kaitlyn Tissington-Turner


Exam Jukebox: Finding the Right Groove to Set the Right Mood

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! When students are piling into Irving wearing the comfiest clothes and the heaviest backpacks, staking a claim over one small spot for the entire day/week(s). During this time of high stress you’d want to spend your time flying through your math problems like a whiz but with classes finished, it also seems like a great time to start going down the Netflix rabbit hole.

One reason you might procrastinate is that you haven’t found the right study atmosphere. People think that a productive environment is dependent on location, but what you hear has an impact on how you study. Often you don’t even know what kind of ambience you need to study effectively until you test it out. Take the opportunity to figure your study soundtrack this exam period with some Songza playlists (with some personal commentary on what I like):

No Lyrics:
Classical for Studying – This is one of my favourite playlists to read to! Let the Classics be the perfect background noise to your drier readings.

Jazz for Reading – Jazz can be really distracting for me because I just get lost in the music but this playlist strikes a great balance of keeping you focused while keeping you from falling asleep and drooling in your book.

In a Busy Coffee Shop – I find that the coffee shop environment is the best when writing those really tough final papers. Those distant murmurs give enough of a distraction and lead to the best arguments.

Epic Film Scores – This playlist is great when you really need that motivational push. Turn your study sessions into epic battles with the soundtrack from Jurassic park, Inception, and more.


Blogged 50 – Songza collects all these songs from music blogs so you don’t have to. Listening to new music keeps it interesting, and keeps you and your mind fresh.

Mellow Electronica – Mellow Electronica allows you to keep the sick beats that keep you motivated without sending you straight to the dance floor.

Chillwave – Listening to the soothing sounds of vintage synths makes it hard to stress out and is a great tool to calm you down during crunch time.

Old School Rap – For some reason Old School Rap and complex math problems go hand in hand. I honestly don’t know why, but it works!

-Umaima Baig


Self-learned/self taught musicians

I have been playing the guitar for 7 years now and I am still continuing to learn new things. There is a pretty large hump that all beginner guitar players go through before they can really start playing well. In my case, this hump took a year to get over. After that year however, I could learn songs within a few hours and have it memorized that very same day. Not only did I learn guitar, I also learned how to sing while playing.

So how did I learn to play? One word. YouTube.

There are so many beginner guides available on the Internet. YouTube has videos that you can follow and you can see how the other person is doing it. You can also learn at your own pace and you have the power to pause and replay videos. Of course, YouTube wasn’t my only teacher. I had a number of friends who were very into playing the guitar who taught me a few tips and tricks.

I started out learning chords and getting used to the weird position my left hand would get into. After mastering the positions of four chords (G, Em, C, and D) I started to learn how to strum. I started out with single strums for each chord and then progressed into two strums and then a steady four beat strum per chord. This was where YouTube came in handy because I would watch videos on different strumming patterns and how to do them.

From there, it was just a matter of dedicating a few hours every week to learning a song and I eventually got over the hump. Now, nothing relaxes me quite like playing the guitar and singing while lying on the grass or on the beach in the sun.

Here is a video that you can use if you’ve never picked up a guitar before!

I use this website to look for chords for different songs

-Jan Bartolome



12 Reasons Why I Like Cheese Better Than Pretty Much Anything Else

1.Brie tastes even better when melted than when solid
2.Cheddar can be white or yellow
3.You can eat cheese with every meal of the day or even a snack
4.Cheese tastes good with other things and good alone
5.There are special plates meant just for cheese
6.My aunt makes a great bread bowl with melted cheese inside
7.Grilled cheese tastes even better with ranch (my other favourite food)
8.Once Beyonce ate cheese
9.Cheez-whiz is the condiment version of cheese. Few foods have their own condiments
10.The average american consumes 33 lbs of cheese annually. I consume 33 lbs of cheese weekly
11.Cheese can be any type of fancy you want it to be
12.Cheese will be always be there for you
TLDR Cheese is sacred and should not be disrespected

-Teal imbeau


Exam crunch? don’t forget about these!

As finals are fast approaching, so is the dreaded anxiety that comes with them. Your social life becomes a distant memory as you organize notes, tackle tedious readings and sacrifice sleep for review sessions. Fortunately, the walter gage blog has a few de-stressing activities that will help you get through the chaos of exam season with a cool head.

1. Get up and move it: Rather than sitting still for hours when looking over notes, take breaks regularly. A light jog around the block while you listen to your favourite tunes will keep your brain awake. Remember, studying for too long can cause muscle strain and brain fatigue.

2. Drop the bass: Stay active as you turn up the volume on your iPod. Music and dancing is relaxing and an effective way to lower stress.

3. Deep breaths: During high-anxiety periods, we tend to breathe rapidly as a response to a sympathetic “fight or flight” nervous system. Try deep breathing. Inhale for five to ten seconds, hold for four and exhale all the way. Repeat nine times.

4. Om Shanti Shanti: A clear mind is an efficient mind. When you have too many thoughts at once, join a yoga class or do silent stretches at home.

5. Do you even lift?: A handful of students hit the gym to de-stress. When studying becomes overwhelming, pump some iron, hit the treadmill and get the mind and body working.

6. You are what you eat: Brain activity opens your appetite so staying energized is vital when studying. Junk food lacks essential nutrients the brain needs to function. Instead, substitute a McDonald’s run for almonds, vegetables, fish, fruits, eggs and Greek yogurt.

– Vinayak Chabria


Procrastination Station!

Ok, so maybe you shouldn’t be procrastinating during exams right now, but just in
case you need a quick study break, I happen to know about a few sites…


There’s nothing like an addictive game that expands your vocabulary AND helps put food on someone’s plate. When you correctly choose the correct definition of a word, 10 grains of rice are donated to the World Food Programme to help end world hunger. Sure, 10 grains of rice might not seem like much to begin with, but it starts to add up! How much rice can you help donate during your study break?


Think you know your geography? Guess again! This is an awesome game that gives you a 5 minute vacation around the world, without the costly baggage fees or the need to leave your desk. Hint: check which side of the road cars are driving on, and the language the street signs are written in for clues about where you are!

Word Map photo WordMap.jpg


An anonymous blog written by some fellow UBC students, the posts about UBC-related experiences never fail to make me smile. There’s something relatable in here for everyone, no matter your faculty or year!

Feeling stressed? Squishing the gummy bears in this game is surprisingly cathartic, although I must warn you- it’s really, really hard to stop playing once you start. Set a timer if you need to get back to your books!


-Meghan Kuppe


ProfTalks: Our Ideal world in 50 yrs

Our Ideal World in 50 years

Global Ethics Guest Speakers: Dr. Karwowska, Dr. Silver, Dr. Bedke

The last ProfTalk was a great way to end our semester with all of its great dialogue and interaction with residents and professors. The topics discussed was the notion of hyper localization, border less world, to how much can we attribute our life to success, and to end of with what is our purpose in life. Also, discussions around picking and choosing what we stand for and our own ethics left students reflecting on what their morals and beliefs are.These complex topics made the room turn into a philosophical ground which allowed residents and professors to share their insights on these topics. It left all of us pondering on the thought of how our world may look like in the next 50 years. If you haven’t yet been able to attend a ProfTalk event, I would highly recommend you do next semester! The chance of having an authentic conversation with your professor outside of the curriculum is inspiring and simply quite awesome!

-Sharon Sehrai


March ProfTalks- Our Ideal World in in 50 Years Summary!

Dr. Matthew Yedlin

Dr. Issy Laher

This month, we invited Dr. Matthew Yedlin and Dr. Issy Laher to ProfTalks Medicine and Applied Sciences. Our conversation started with the two professors sharing their areas of research and what their ideal world would look like in 50 years. Throughout the conversation, Dr. Matthew Yedlin emphasized education as a key factor to bettering our world. Specifically, he wanted students to think more critically and have more opportunities to interact with professors through mentorship programs. Similarly, Dr. Issy Laher also agreed that education is key to improving our world in relation to pubic health. Instead of relying on medication and technology, he stressed the important of early prevention by exercising and eating properly. In this one-hour discussion we also covered other topics like “How are online portals like WebMD transforming the ways people are engaging with doctors and other medical services” and “What are some ways we can minimize the waste from obsolete electronic devices?” This ProfTalks was an enriching experience for both the residents and the professors, and we look forward to the next ProfTalks!

-Ju Young Park