ProfTalks: Our Ideal world in 50 yrs

Our Ideal World in 50 years

Global Ethics Guest Speakers: Dr. Karwowska, Dr. Silver, Dr. Bedke

The last ProfTalk was a great way to end our semester with all of its great dialogue and interaction with residents and professors. The topics discussed was the notion of hyper localization, border less world, to how much can we attribute our life to success, and to end of with what is our purpose in life. Also, discussions around picking and choosing what we stand for and our own ethics left students reflecting on what their morals and beliefs are.These complex topics made the room turn into a philosophical ground which allowed residents and professors to share their insights on these topics. It left all of us pondering on the thought of how our world may look like in the next 50 years. If you haven’t yet been able to attend a ProfTalk event, I would highly recommend you do next semester! The chance of having an authentic conversation with your professor outside of the curriculum is inspiring and simply quite awesome!

-Sharon Sehrai


March ProfTalks- Our Ideal World in in 50 Years Summary!

Dr. Matthew Yedlin

Dr. Issy Laher

This month, we invited Dr. Matthew Yedlin and Dr. Issy Laher to ProfTalks Medicine and Applied Sciences. Our conversation started with the two professors sharing their areas of research and what their ideal world would look like in 50 years. Throughout the conversation, Dr. Matthew Yedlin emphasized education as a key factor to bettering our world. Specifically, he wanted students to think more critically and have more opportunities to interact with professors through mentorship programs. Similarly, Dr. Issy Laher also agreed that education is key to improving our world in relation to pubic health. Instead of relying on medication and technology, he stressed the important of early prevention by exercising and eating properly. In this one-hour discussion we also covered other topics like “How are online portals like WebMD transforming the ways people are engaging with doctors and other medical services” and “What are some ways we can minimize the waste from obsolete electronic devices?” This ProfTalks was an enriching experience for both the residents and the professors, and we look forward to the next ProfTalks!

-Ju Young Park

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