Looking for Help (in all the wrong namespaces)

I decided that a good first place to start with the wiki gardening project was to review the help documentation. I first looked at what currently existed on the wiki and then I moved some articles over from the public domain user guide of the MediaWiki to fill in what I thought might be missing.

In order to make the help documentation more visible, I created a help category for all pages that provide information for helping users add, edit, or create content on the UBC Wiki. In doing so, I got to see my first glimpses of why weeding will be part of this project.

In general, I think some specific help tutorials need to be created for the specialized needs of the UBC Wiki (such as how do I organized my course content).

About Will (WikiAdmin)

Hi, my name is Will and my user name on the UBC Wiki isWikiAdministrator (I didn't choose it). The UBC Wiki is administered by the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology
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