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This week is Open Access Week, an international event that promotes the benefits of Open Access to the academic and research community. As part of the week, UBC is hosting its own series of events and Novak and I were allowed to present a session on the UBC Wiki as an open platform for content sharing.

My goal for the presentation was to place the UBC Wiki alongside, if not within, the philosophy of the open access movement. If open access journals are about making formally published papers accessible the world over, then the UBC Wiki is about capturing the less formal information produced by a university and making that information accessible.

You can download our presentation slides here: An Open Platform:
Using the UBC Wiki as a Collaborative Tool and Information Repository

If you attended the event and have any thoughts about the presentation or suggestions on how to improve it, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

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Hi, my name is Will and my user name on the UBC Wiki isWikiAdministrator (I didn't choose it). The UBC Wiki is administered by the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology
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