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Converting Documents into Wiki Pages

In addition to an overall organizational structure, a wiki also should have some organization within its individual pages. The use of headings, subheadings, bold, bullet points, and the like make an individual article or page easier to scan, navigate, and … Continue reading

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Quick Thoughts About Purpose & Community

I’ve been thinking a lot about the purpose of the UBC Wiki. Wikipedia has a pretty narrowly defined purpose: it is an encyclopedia. Only content that fits with their mission of being an encyclopedia is allowed to remain.  Inherit in … Continue reading

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Wayfinding on the Wiki

Wayfinding, as Wikipedia succinctly summarizes it, refers to the user experience of orientation and choosing a path within the built environment and to the set of architectural and/or design elements that aid in that orientation. While signage is an important … Continue reading

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General Thoughts on Correcting the Course: Conundrum

Here are some preliminary thoughts on correcting what I have begun calling the Course: Conundrum (the creation of course specific pages in the main space of the wiki instead of into the Course namespace). In general, I really like the … Continue reading

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Categorization Manipulation

One of the main tools to organize a wiki is categories. Mark Choate, in his book Professional Wikis, describes adding categories to a wiki article as a parallel to adding tags to a blog article or a photo: tags and … Continue reading

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More on the Wiki Gardening Project

I added a Wiki Gardening page to the UBC Wiki.   The new page has a detailed project overview and some of the specific tasks on which I will be focusing. The purpose of creating this page is to provide some … Continue reading

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The Course: Conundrum

The UBC Wiki is organized into a couple of different namespaces. Two of the major ones are the root space (found at wiki.ubc.ca) and the Course space (wiki.ubc.ca/Course). The purpose of these spaces is to help organize the wiki by … Continue reading

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Growing the UBC Wiki

Welcome to the new Wiki Gardener blog.  A wiki gardener is someone who helps a wiki grow and thrive.  As Sam Aparicio on the Social Text site explains: One of the great things about a wiki is the way structure … Continue reading

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Looking for Help (in all the wrong namespaces)

I decided that a good first place to start with the wiki gardening project was to review the help documentation. I first looked at what currently existed on the wiki and then I moved some articles over from the public … Continue reading

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