Research stories: A graduate forum #hwl #yreUBC #UBC #bced

I’m happy to share that I will be presenting at RESEARCH STORIES: A Graduate Forum. This is part of the UBC Year of Research in Education¬†initiative for 2014-2015.

My presentation is titled, Designing things, practices and concerns for the good life.

Here’s the abstract:

This research examines the complex relationship between design, the sacred and online learning, framed by matters of concern. It is the culmination of a yearlong ethnographic research project in the lives of Christian undergraduate students in Vancouver. Focal concerns in the form of things and practices have disclosive power if they are designed for the good life. The task of the designer, then, is to purposefully move away from matters of fact towards matters of concern. The interviews were open-ended and based on a loosely structured set of questions about faith background, Internet usage, online spiritual experiences, and other factors. Conversations and participant observations were then analyzed as matters of concern.

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