Posted on behalf of Erica Triggs

This year, SRA is trying something new as our online environment allows us greater flexibility to offer different sessions and reach audiences that we haven’t always been able to.

Starting in October, we will be offering application workshops, financial advising sessions (thanks to the participation of our SSA colleagues), information sessions for transfer and mature students, and a series of Instagram live sessions followed by drop-in advising sessions on Fridays to offer quick and convenient advising. There will also be tailored application workshops and financial advising sessions for Indigenous students. In the past, it was challenging to offer these sessions while we were on the road and visiting as many schools as we could. We’re thrilled to be able to meet with students from across the country and answer their questions on these topics.

Additionally, we will be recording and posting a presentation called ‘University 101’ (with support from our RMPSE colleagues) to help students learn more about university and UBC lingo.

We’re excited to try these out and provide new resources for incoming students!