Suit Up as a Superhero: Iron Man Mask

Posted on behalf of Amy Loo

Let’s suit up as a superhero and get ready for work! Here’s a how to on making a superhero mask, with Iron Man as an example.


  • Cardboard
  • Paper & printer for mask template
  • Scissor to cut mask template
  • Tape to combine the mask template pieces
  • Pencil for tracing the mask template onto the cardboard
  • Utility knife for cutting cardboard
  • Glue to combine the cardboard pieces
  • Binder clips
  • Paint & paintbrush


  1. Search the web for any superhero mask template which you would like to make. Here’s an example of the one used for Iron Man:
  2. Print the mask template. I found that adjusting the printing ratio of the .pdf helps to arrive at the correct mask size. This can be done by increasing the percentage in the custom scale box of the page size when printing.
  3. Use a scissor to cut the mask template.
  4. Since there may be separate pieces printed on different pages, use tape to combine any mask template pieces.
  5. Use a pencil to trace the mask template onto the cardboard.
  6. Use a utility knife to cut the mask template traced on the cardboard. I tried using scissors to cut the cardboard but it creased and was difficult to use. Also, layer another piece of cardboard underneath when using the utility knife to help avoid marks on the table.
  7. Use glue to combine the pieces of cardboard together. If the pieces do not hold, use binder clips to keep them together while the glue dries. 
  8. Paint and add layers as needed to make the paint stand out from the cardboard.
  9. Wear the mask while watching a favourite superhero movie.

Be a Superhero to a Local Business

Posted on behalf of Jin Lee

Now’s the time to be a superhero to our local community! How many local restaurants and stores have you said goodbye to in the past year? It’s so easy and convenient to turn on your computer and order most of your necessities from online retailers (can you guess which company had doubled their profit during the pandemic?), and with sky-high rent and the current situation we are in, the chance of keeping local business going is becoming slimmer. It is more important than ever for all of us to support our local, independently owned businesses for local economy and communities. Here are some local businesses I have come across in the past year and I am very excited to share with you!

Chinatown Vintage


Sustainable shopping that goes towards a good cause! Check out this cute shop in Chinatown, the only thrift store in Vancouver that directly supports the neighborhood. 100% of their profits go to the Chinatown Foundation, which has projects in cultural preservation, social housing, and COVID-19 economic recovery.

Bird on a Wire Creations


Wondering what local artists are up to? Bird on a Wire Creations carry many local artists’ work and you can find things from creative cards to mugs and paintings, all locally created and made! They recently had to close one store due to the pandemic, but their Kitsilano store is still open if you like to check out in person! This is a great place to shop if you are looking for a gift for friends, family and loved ones!

Artist: Carmen aka Brightside Doodles

Backcountry Wok


Don’t we all miss going on adventures? Since we can’t travel much, camping trips have been popular, but food prepping is one of the plans we dread. Sustainability is not the first word you think of when you want something quick and convenient; however Backcountry Wok is an exception! If you are planning meals for your camping trip, check out their “’plant-based & Asian-inspired dehydrated meals in 100% compostable bags”.

Bloom Assembly


Do you like flowers? How about flowers that won’t die on you?! Our home has become a place more than just where we sleep in; it has become an office, a theatre, a gym, a studio, a spa and more. To improve your new multi-functioning space, these flowers can make it look more elegant and cozy.



Lighting a few candles in your home will create a warm and peaceful ambiance in your house. This also can help you relax and feel calm after a stressful day. And oh my, their smells are so fresh and yummy!

Obviously, there are way more local businesses than the list above! The website features local businesses in your neighborhood, so you can check out what’s nearby you.

Feel like a date night with your partner/furry friend, or just want to treat yourself with a nice meal after a long day at work? Try new menus at your local restaurants! By thinking local first, we will be able to continue to enjoy our favorite local stores, and keep our communities vibrant and dynamic!

Student Financial Management: Team Huddle

Posted on behalf of Cicy Guimond

Student Financial Management (SFM) is responsible for management of student related finances. Reporting to Teresa Tsang, there are three main portfolios.

  1. Jeff Hsiao’s portfolio oversees Canadian and US student loans, UBC Bursary assessment for both campuses, and Undergraduate scholarship and award program budgets for Vancouver.
  2. Cicy Guimond’s portfolio includes budget and forecasting for Enrolment Services, tuition and student fee assessments on both campuses, and tuition allocation in Vancouver.
  3. Maria Mannella’s portfolio contains all tuition payment and refund processing, financial holds, iMED administration, T4As, and more.

Despite covering a wide range of activities, the whole team gathers for team huddles once a month to share updates on projects, news that affects the team, and little team bonding activities. Here is a group photo from one of our recent huddles:

We also shared some of our favourite superheroes!

Team Member  Favourite Superhero  Why? 
 Amy Loo  Captain America  Avengers Assemble! 
 Cheryl Ye  Doraemon  He has a Time Machine for time travel and an Anywhere Door to go anywhere he wants. 
 Cicy Guimond  Jessica Jones  She doesn’t let her problems define her. 
 Crystal Xu  Doctor Strange  Teleportation and access to different dimensions. 
 Jeff Hsiao  Deadpool  Love his humor, sarcasm, and not a typical superhero. 
 Jenny Lee-Walker  Thor  He is arrogant and has a powerful hammer! 
 Julia Shen  Batman  I like his advanced tools. 
 Joanne Lai  Spiderman  I get to hide behind a mask. 
 Mantavya Kaushik  Iron Man  He is so cool.  
 Maria Mannella  Wonder Woman  Smart and powerful. 
 May-Lee Chow  Batman  Handsome, billionaire, saves Gotham. Oh, did I say handsome? 
 Nadia Gonzaga  Iron Man  Super charismatic and a great leader. 
 Rachel Chong  Superman  He was the first superhero that I knew when I was a kid. 

Relax Like a Superhero

Posted on behalf of Rachel Chen

Superheroes are everywhere in the world and may face different challenges, including stress from work. Here are some ways superheroes can relax and recharge at the end of the day:

  • Meditation: Taking some time to meditate helps us to control anxiety and reduce stress.
  • Yoga and exercise: Yoga and exercises increase the energy level for our superheroes. They benefit both body and brain.
  • Enjoying the moment with pets: As one of the family members, pet needs attention and provide energy to us by the end of the day:

  • Playing Games with family after dinner helps to relief stress:

In Enrolment Services, we are our own superheroes! Do you have some special ways to relax?