Suit Up as a Superhero: Iron Man Mask

Posted on behalf of Amy Loo

Let’s suit up as a superhero and get ready for work! Here’s a how to on making a superhero mask, with Iron Man as an example.


  • Cardboard
  • Paper & printer for mask template
  • Scissor to cut mask template
  • Tape to combine the mask template pieces
  • Pencil for tracing the mask template onto the cardboard
  • Utility knife for cutting cardboard
  • Glue to combine the cardboard pieces
  • Binder clips
  • Paint & paintbrush


  1. Search the web for any superhero mask template which you would like to make. Here’s an example of the one used for Iron Man:
  2. Print the mask template. I found that adjusting the printing ratio of the .pdf helps to arrive at the correct mask size. This can be done by increasing the percentage in the custom scale box of the page size when printing.
  3. Use a scissor to cut the mask template.
  4. Since there may be separate pieces printed on different pages, use tape to combine any mask template pieces.
  5. Use a pencil to trace the mask template onto the cardboard.
  6. Use a utility knife to cut the mask template traced on the cardboard. I tried using scissors to cut the cardboard but it creased and was difficult to use. Also, layer another piece of cardboard underneath when using the utility knife to help avoid marks on the table.
  7. Use glue to combine the pieces of cardboard together. If the pieces do not hold, use binder clips to keep them together while the glue dries. 
  8. Paint and add layers as needed to make the paint stand out from the cardboard.
  9. Wear the mask while watching a favourite superhero movie.

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