CSR Project: Screwing Around (Plan)

In class last week, we had an in-class “CSR Project.” I suggested an idea that I am very passionate about to our team. Here’s a rundown for the sheet we handed in, modified for blogging purposes:

PROPOSAL: Operation Reusable Chopsticks

The disposable chopsticks that we are all familiar with.

PLACES (Organization Name): Cafeteria, SUB food court (Manchu Wok), Village

Totem Cafeteria


  1. Save money by terminating disposable chopsticks purchases
  2. Profits from selling reusable chopsticks (for a good cause or just for benefit)
  3. For health-conscious and eco-friendly people (students are perfect targets)

Screwable, Reusable and Portable Chopsticks


The plan I propose primarily targets UBC’s residence cafeterias. The cafeteria has already been doing their environmentally friendly part, for instance offering metal forks, knives, and spoons next to the disposable ones. These eating utensils are then dropped off in a soap-water box during tray and garbage disposal. They also have a Tupperware system, which allows for each Place Vanier or Totem resident to pick up one free Tupperware, get more “bang for the buck,” receive a discount, AND get their containers washed for free. However, they do not have any such system for chopsticks, though UBC’s cafeteria offers sushi, not to mention an entire Asian cuisine section.

Let's all screw around!


  1. Add metal chopsticks to the rest of the utensil suite
  2. Add a fee for using disposable chopsticks while also reducing its availability
  3. Offer reusable chopsticks that can be bought with the meal card or with cash (elaborate on next post).

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19. October 2010 by Valerie Song
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