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Here’s my take on how well J.Crew fares on the 7 C’s of Web Design:

Context: 10/10

Functionality is on point, with clear headers and dropdown menus. Easy links to contact information, social media platforms, and an easy to use search bar. The front page is an aesthetically pleasing changing image from J.Crew’s monthly style guide.

Content: 9/10

Tons of images. For each piece that is sold on the website, there are multiple views, on and off of the model. On the left hand side panel, there’s a series of articles that you can read about new products, often what keeps me coming back every day.

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J.Crew showcases multiple views for each piece. (Love this pant for guys, btw!)

Community: 6/10

The website features a company blog, with insider information for those die-hard fans. Upside, they’re all sharable. Downside, no option to post comments on a forum. You can also sign up for emails which offer exclusive promos.

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J.Crew’s Company Blog

Customization: 6/10

Upon entering the website, it asks for your email and password. Signing in allows you to store your shopping wish list and it will also tell you the status of any online orders that are currently being shipped.

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J.Crew Customized Home Page

Communication: 9/10

Under the “contact us” tab, the website lists various ways to contact the company based on your need or request. The “very personal stylist” feature allows you to email a stylist if you have any product questions or size issues.

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The Very Personal Stylist service.

Connection: 8/10

Clear links to all social media platforms and to its other brands, J.Crew Factory and Madewell. Although they do collaborations with other brands, there are no links to any of their websites.

Commerce: 10/10

This site definitely caters to professional online shoppers. It offers various payment options including PayPal, credit card and gift cards, and multiple order confirmation screens before payment goes through.

Overall, I am very impressed with the J.Crew website.  If you haven’t already, check it out!

All images taken from the J.Crew website.


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