What’s So Great About Bloggers?


How are bloggers able to captivate such a substantial audience? Nowadays, consumers are more swayed to buy products by bloggers than the companies themselves.  For what they are, essentially normal people writing about their lives and experiences, bloggers have developed an extreme amount of influence to the consumer.

 1) They have a voice – literally and figuratively.

After getting to know a blogger over time, you essentially put a voice to the words on the page and feel as if it’s a friend you’ve known for a long time.  Sooner or later, you become attached to this writer as if they are a trusted professional or friend whom you look to for advice about a specific topic.

2) They’re honest. 

Sure, we’ve all heard about sponsored posts.  Those posts where you’re wondering how much money the blogger got paid by the company to positively advertise and review their products.  For the most parts though, bloggers realize they’re doing their readers a service: telling them the truth to save them the costs of buying a product that just isn’t worth the splurge.

3) They know the industry.  

Since bloggers are sent free stuff and get invited to events all the time, they have exposure to trying way more products or services than us normal folk.  This allows them to get the general gist of what’s out there in the market so they can accurate gage whether a product is better than average or just terrible.


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