Your Complete Guide to The AMS

new to ubc? here’s what you missed…


The AMS stands for your Alma Mater Society. The name doesn’t make sense, but it was formed to be your student society; you pay them fees and in return they keep the university from doing whatever it wants. Plus, parties and stuff!


MIKE used to be Alma Mater Society President and he poledanced a lot

there’s like a million of these on facebook.

but then he turned things over to BLAKE

guido guido guido (photo c/o gerald deo)

go o~on….

and his friend & VP External TIM

oh god the archives (c/o gd)

and they wrote an ill-advised letter to THE UN claiming UBC was violating human rights by overcharging tuition

we like to imagine this really happened

so COUNCIL (free food! every 2nd wednesday!), led by JEREMY and NAYLOR, got angry


and everyone hated one another.

somebody dial whine-one-one / shawty fire burnin’ on the dance floor

eventually we held an election and BIJAN won president

but refused to jell-o wrestle, the wussy

but not before the ENTIRE ELECTIONS WEBSITE got hacked and there was a huge investigation

i know there’s a shitty pun in here somewhere.

BIJAN heads the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, which is made up of himself, Pavani (ECSS), and four VPs:

their theme was ‘camp.’ or ‘camping,’ we forget which.

JEREMY runs the external office (UPass, BC lobbying);

he’s the naked one. read the Ubyssey!

our VP administration is EKAT, who is building us a NEW SUB and is SUPER HOT;

ELIN runs finance and has the best wardrobe;

we got boooored in council

and then there’s BEN, who has the hardest job (VP academic) because it has no clear definition (GREEK LIAISON = a real thing??)

was this his campaign poster? it should have been.

Recently the executives (that’s BIJAN and the VPs) put out a BUDGET

this graph: more relevant to your life? QUITE POSSIBLY

the money trail was unclear, so COUNCIL, led by MICHAEL, got angry

this image may no longer be entirely accurate.

mostly because there was a ZERO next to the end of the year blowout BLOCK PARTY.

it’s like our single awesome UBC thing (photo c/o Gerald Deo)

So JUSTIN, the coordinating editor of THE UBYSSEY (which you should read)
and NEAL, who edits UBC INSIDERS, wrote some incendiary things

Capitalization: it’s for everything.


from the VP Admin’s 2nd quarterly report of DOOOOOOM

so it’s business as usual.

… and that’s what you missed on AMS CONFIDENTIAL.

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  1. Michael C

    Ha! I KNEW that a blog like this must exist at UBC! It’s crazy how hard it is for a first-year student to find these things.

    Keep up the awesomeness.

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