So January 4th is almost here and we’ve got a new cohort arriving, and hopefully checking out this website here. If you are new, welcome! Just so you know, ASIS&T@UBC is the student group for all you techy kinds of archivists/librarians, but it’s not intimidating. I mean, we have a few programmers hanging around, but there are lots of history majors and the like too. Basically, if you know or don’t know about all the latest technology type things that affect information science and like to learn about them, we’d love to have you come to our meetings and participate in our events.

Our next meeting is going to be January 18, at 12:30pm, and then a week later (that’d be January 25th at the same time but a slightly different place) we’ll be having our first Cool Tools day of 2011. (For future reference here’s a handy calendar showing when all the SLAIS Student Groups have their meetings/events and such. See, this is what ASIS&T@UBC does: helpful things.) We’ll post more information here about both of those January events (and more) as time keeps dragging us into the future.

Until then, welcome and we hope you’re ready to scowl at the overused suffix “2.0” (or maybe it’s just me who’s hoping that). In any case, don’t scowl at Susie for having to teach you about it, okay?