History of Courses Taught

The University of British Columbia

First Year Programs, Arts One

  • Authority and Resistance

Department of French, Hispanic, and Italian Studies

  • Spanish 491 Directed Study on Colonial Literature
  • Spanish 405a/505 Latin American Guerrilla Literature
  • Spanish 406 Gender Representations in Latin American Literature
  • Spanish 401 Translation
  • Spanish 365 Introduction to Spanish American Literature (1820s-present)
  • Spanish 364 Spanish-American Literature (up to 1820s)
  • Spanish 312 Latin American Literature in Translation (Taught in English)
    • Exploring Politics through Literature
    • Violence: Latin American Testimonial Narrative and Documentary
  • Spanish 280: Snapshots of Revolution in Spanish America (Taught in English)
  • Spanish 222 Hispanic Cultural Expressions
  • Spanish 221 Introduction to Hispanic Literature and Methods of Literary Analysis
  • Spanish 202 Intermediate Spanish II
  • Spanish 201 Intermediate Spanish I
  • Spanish 102 Novice Spanish II
  • Spanish 101 Novice Spanish I

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Department of International and Second Language Studies 

  • Spanish 3312 Mass Media and Society in Spanish American Literary and Cultural Texts
  • Spanish 4362 From Literature to Film in Spanish American Literature
  • Spanish 4361 (Re)Writing Revolution (Latin America)
  • Spanish 3335 Culture and Popular Culture of the Americas
  • Spanish 3332 Introduction to Hispanic Literature

Michigan State University

The Centre for Integrative Studies in the Arts and Humanities

  • IAH 211C Identity Politics and Human Rights in 20th Century Literature on the Revolution
  • IAH 203 Latin America and the World

Department of Spanish and Portuguese

  • Spanish 310 Basic Spanish Grammar
  • Spanish 250 Intensive Review of Intermediate Spanish I & II
  • Spanish 202 Second Year Spanish II
  • Spanish 201 Second Year Spanish I
  • Spanish 150 Intensive Review of Elementary Spanish I & II
  • Spanish 102 Elementary Spanish II
  • Spanish 101 Elementary Spanish I

Lansing Community College

Department of Communications

  • Spanish 121 Elementary Spanish I
  • Spanish 116 Conversational Spanish II


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