TA Training and Mentorship Program

The Program


The FHIS/CENES Graduate Teaching Assistant training and mentorship program offers internal (departmental) and external (CTLT facilitated) TA Training and professional development workshops that range from basic classroom practices (How to introduce yourself to your students) and email etiquette to more complex topics such as how to approach diversity and different learning styles in the classroom environment at UBC or even how to develop a balanced (e)portfolio as teachers, researchers, and service-oriented faculty members.

Mentorship and the Peer-Review of Teaching

In addition to the interactive workshop focus of the program, Graduate Assistants in the FHIS Department take full advantage of a peer-peer teaching and learning platform through the FHIS mentorship program, which pairs experienced with incoming teachers, and a combination of formative (student and peer-based) and summative “peer-review of teaching” opportunities.  Such experiences help to shape an open and engaging community of practice that promotes an easy-sharing of ideas and constructive critiques among Graduate Assistants at different stages in their degree programs.  The program, as a whole results in personal and professional growth for both experienced and incoming teachers.

A full description of the current programming is available here: FHIS and CENES TA Training Program 2018-2019 .



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