Spanish 201: Intermediate Spanish 1

Spanish is the official language of 21 countries and there are more than 400 million native-speakers of Spanish around the world.  Each Spanish-speaking region has its own dialect (which is a fancy way of saying “way of speaking Spanish” – check out this video to see for yourself!) and each dialect has different words and phrases to express similar concepts! Even though each Spanish-speaking region and culture is unique, this course exposes students to universal aspects of Hispanic language and culture that bring this international community together. Spanish 201 provides a comprehensive review of the vocabulary and grammar structures learnt in Spanish 101 and 102 and expands students’ vocabulary and grammatical knowledge through the lens of new cultural contexts and topics, ranging from the Spanish Civil War to Spanish in the workplace.  Skills addressed in this course include listening, speaking, writing, and reading, with an additional focus on increasing cultural competencies and conversing in communicative situations. The course syllabus (Span 201 ST1 2018 INSTRUCTOR) outlines all course practices and policies.

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