Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Presentations

I have learned a tremendous amount from colleagues who are willing to share their ideas and practices to help and impact others’ teaching practice.  For this reason, I attempt to do the same thing!  If I come across a neat way of approaching a particular topic in the classroom or find particular technologies useful in language and literature contexts, I actively seek opportunities to share my findings with others through conference presentations and workshops.

I recently co-facilitated a workshop titled “Canvas in the Arts,” that pointed to unique ways of using UBC’s new Course Management System, Canvas, in combination with other educational technologies (SnagIt, Camtasia, Kaltura) in literature and language classrooms.  You can see the presentation here.

I also had a SoTL presentation this October (2018) at Simon Fraser University in collaboration with the Consulate of Mexico on approaches to teaching the 17th century nun, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, titled De “Gifs” a Góngora: acercamientos actuales a la enseñanza de SJIC.”  In it, I propose what I call a “reverse teaching approach,” of the poet where I first walk the public through some ways in which Sor Juana is remembered today (Gifs, Memes, tweets, Graffiti) and then gradually arrive at more traditional or official ways of recording her through an analysis of her “official portraits,” unique links to Baroque poet Luís de Góngora, and relationship to other 17th and 18th century nuns such as Catalina de Erauso and Úrsula Suárez.  I have included some of my slides here!

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