My service record involves working on various committees and teaching and learning initiatives in the Department of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies, the Arts One Program, and other university-wide programs.  Please consult my CV for my complete service record.  Below, I describe two recent UBC service initiatives that have been particularly helpful in shaping my approach and practices to teaching and leadership positions at UBC.


The Peer Review of Asian Studies Pilot Project (2013-)

Since the fall of 2013, I have been an active collaborator in the Peer Review of Teaching Program in the Department of Asian Studies.  In order to participate in this pilot project, I attended several training workshops on peer-review strategies and practices, observed the classes of different instructors of Japanese and Chinese language and literature, and conducted pre-and post observation meetings alongside other internal peer reviewers. This process, without a doubt, has shaped the way in which I manage the mentorship and peer review of Graduate Assistants Programs in the FHIS Department for through this practice, I have engaged – through discussion and observation – with instructors that embrace varied teaching methods and practices.

Faculty Advisor to UBC tandem (2015-2017)

In September of 2015, I took on the role as Academic Advisor to the UBC tandem Language Program. My interest in this role was very personal. I participated in a tandem project prior to going on exchange to Cáceres, Spain during my second year in university. This experience not only prepared me for conversational situations during my study abroad program, but it also helped me to make connections with others that would ultimately enhance my capacity to maintain my Spanish speaking skills and confidence in target language-controlled situations upon my return of the program. My role in UBC’s program was mostly advisory. I helped to hire Tandem consultants and session leaders and trained them using recent approaches to peer-peer teaching through conversation and culture in university settings.  In 2015, I worked closely with programmers and project managers from UBC’s Arts ISIT to design an online matching system that incorporates the Common European Framework for language learners to determine proper level matches among program participants.



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