Dear Café Scientifiquers, our next café will happen on Tuesday October 30th, 7:30pm at The Railway Club. Our speaker for the evening will be Dr. Byron Jennings.  Details of his talk are as follows:

Science: What is it?

Global warming and CO2 levels. Autism and vaccinations. Cancer and cell phones. What do they all have in common? At the heart of all these issues is the question of science and its validity. To understand these and many other policy issues it is necessary to understand what science is, how it works, and how its conclusions are justified. In the 17th century, science went mainstream. We’ve had three centuries to debate, argue, improve up the scientific method, and still today, there is considerable controversy over what science is and how it works. In this discussion, he will present a modern view of what science is, as gleaned from over forty years working in the trenches as a physicist. You will see what science is, to what extent it is reliable, and why.

He also writes for quantum diaries:

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