Dear Café Scientifiquers, our next café will happen on Tuesday November 27th, 7:30pm at The Railway Club. Our speaker for the evening will be Dr. Anne Trudel, head of Environment Health & Safety at TRIUMF and involved with the field of radiation protection for the last 15 years. She has a background in subatomic particle physics research and will share her expertise in radiation and its interaction with matter and biological tissue.  Details of her talk are as follows:

Radiation Exposure, Fukushima and Nuclear Power

In March 2012, as a result of a rare combination of a powerful earthquake and significant tsunami, the nuclear-power facility in Fukushima , Japan sustained heavy damage.  The subsequent short and long term consequences of the accident will be described in layman terms. To help put the event in perspective, the risks associated with nuclear power will be compared to other risks associated with everyday life.


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