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Inspiring presentations

We’ve just spent some time in class talking about presentation skills and you had a chance to give your own short presentation. Still looking for some additional inspiration? Have you seen The King’s Speech? It’s in movie theatres now and is a great story, but did you know there are also some important life skills you can take away from the film? Designer and public speaker Jesse Desjardins has created a short slideshow that highlights five public speaking tips that helped King George VI overcome his stutter.

The tips boil down to :

  1. Have confidence in your own voice
  2. Get help if you need it
  3. Practice
  4. Talk about what you know
  5. Be yourself
While these are broad suggestions compared to the list of eight tips presented in class, they are just as important.

Anyone else have any tips for giving a good presentation?

Oh, by the way, I considered bringing in my five-year-old niece for this job during the class presentations. Although, you were all so great with staying within the time constraints, she really would have been bored.