What every Canadian needs to know – Critical Thinking

Dear Mr. Smith,

Thank you for your correspondence and your enthusiasm. I will do my best to answer your question about what every Canadian needs to know today, as well as give you an idea of my own beliefs about teaching. I believe that as educators, we are not simply imparting knowledge to the students, but giving them the tools to be capable, contributing, socially conscious members of society.

In order to achieve this we must teach our students to be literate, critical thinkers. Now my idea of literacy is much broader than the traditional definition. Literacy for me is to be able to read, understand, and interact with your environment. By this definition, literacy encompasses much more than reading and writing. In order to understand the environment and think critically about it, we must understand that we are all shaped by our own perspectives and experiences, giving us each a unique bias. As a result, I believe it is very important for students to understand what it means to be Canadian. Canadian history, Canada’s involvement in global affairs, as well as the core beliefs that this country were founded on are integral aspects of what it means to be Canadian.

The acceptance of diversity and freedom of expression are foundational beliefs of the country. I believe that both of these beliefs afford us a great opportunity to learn from each other. That being said, we must also be critical in our analysis of information. We must consider where the information has come from, and with what biases the opinion was formed.

It is with these skills and knowledge that I believe my students can become critical thinking, contributing members of society.

I’m not sure if I have answered your question but I hope I have at least given you some insight into my beliefs as an educator in Canada. I am looking forward to welcoming you into our classroom in person.


Eric Brown

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