What I no longer know

For my Community Field Experience, I was given the opportunity to go to a middle school in Port Coquitlam and spend three weeks there. The experience that I had in this particular setting was remarkably different compared to the experience that I had at Magee Secondary during my 10-week practicum.

One thing that I no longer know as a result of my CFE is that my ideal job setting as a music educator would be to teach choir and band at a  secondary school. I have discovered that teaching general music classes at the middle school level has much room for creativity, flexibility, and interactivity.

Not knowing this is very important, since I have been able to expand my horizons, and have uncovered new land for me to explore and gain knowledge about. I am very excited to learn more about teaching music to younger grades, and I am keen on challenging myself to become an educator that can wear multiple hats.

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