What I No Longer Know

My CFE was in Columbia, Missouri at a therapeutic horse riding centre. The centre had 3-4 classes a day that lasted an hour for the riders. The classes were also not age or disability restricted.

The environment I was placed in was very comfortable to me until the disabled students were involved. I am very comfortable with horses and equipment as I have been a part of that my entire life. However, when the students showed up it was clear that the instructors had a strong bond with their students. This reminded me of my practicum and not seeing students with IEP’s files. I was given a little background information on the participants but not much. This alone was a struggle for me because I do not have a strong background or much experience with disabilities or even what a lot of them are. As a teacher this will be important to me to understand as best as I can the disability. By understanding the disability it will make it a more beneficial experience for the student.

Understanding that there are no two people or disabilities alike makes it evident that experience can help but making sure as a teacher I understand the individual and their needs is even more important. This idea can be reflected to students without disabilities as well. How you shape your lessons and activities within a class will be influenced by the type of class and students you have.

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