January 16: Class activity

Jigsaw: Embodied knowing, Intuition, Mindfulness & Indigenous ways of knowing

Step 1: Get into groups of 4 (same colours)

Step 2: On your own, read the text assigned to your group (5 minutes)

Step 3: As a small group, discuss your topic and summarize key points so you can give a high-level overview to others (in step 5). (3-4 minutes)

Step 4: (15 minutes for parts 1 and 2)

Part 1: Generate 1-3 practical ways to implement this concept in your teaching. The activity may be something you would do, on your own as a teacher, or something you may engage your students in doing. This will become a resource for your peers, so please provide details.  (10 minutes)

Part 2: Complete the relevant template for your group (make a copy [File–>Make a copy].

Use the following templates to make a copy for your group:

Embodied knowledge



Indigenous ways of knowing

**Each group to send me the link to your document in an email. Use the following header: “EDST 403 Class 2, Activity” (send to isabeau(.)iqbal(at)ubc.ca)

STOP HERE please. Let me know when your group gets to this stage. Thank you.

Step 5: Get into multi-coloured groups. Share the key points about your topic and 1 activity for implementing this approach in your teaching. (10 minutes)

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