Other ways of knowing (Activities to implement in class)

Links to practical in-class activities developed by teacher candidates and making use of the following ways of knowing:

Mindfulness as a way of knowing  (Laurence Poirier, Emma Wilson, Jordan Steer, Chelsea Johnston)

Mindfulness as a way of knowing (Deanna Palmer, Mahsa Rakhshanifar, Colleen McGuire)

Intuition as a way of knowing (Jessica Chan, Celeste Wong, Dema Asad, Fiona Nurse)

Indigenous ways of knowing (Chelsey Scott, Alexandra Danahy, Benjamin Chau)

Indigenous ways of knowing (Madeline Faubert, Reiko Domai, Emily Lacock)

Embodied ways of knowing (Sasha Pawer, Myles Hulme, Christopher Ford, Alex Pichler)

Embodied ways of knowing (Anthony de Leon, Amy Gagnon, Megan Yee)



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