Reminders for January 23 class


Good morning all,

(If you missed it, please make sure to read the announcement I sent January 18).

A few additional comments to prepare for Monday’s class and related to the course more generally:

(1) Thank you for your blog posts on your conversations about the new and ‘old’ curriculum! These are really well done. I will be writing a comment in each of your posts over the next week or so (and have already done so for those who posted earlier this week).  Please read at least 2 of your peers’ blog posts before class on January 23.

(2) On January 23, please bring a device on which you can access the Google docs on ‘other ways of knowing’.  We will start class with a jigsaw; when you come to class, please (a) sit in multi-coloured groups so we may continue our activity from last week (b) bring up the Google doc to which you contributed as you’ll be sharing this with your peers.

(3) A small number of you have had trouble creating a new post. I contacted Blog Support and below (in blue) is what they suggested. If what they suggest doesn’t work, then please try posting from another browser.  If that still doesn’t work, you can email me your work and I’ll post it!

“Could you ask the students to logout, clear browser cookies and cache, close browser, and then try again. Here is more on how to delete cookies and cache

Thank you and I wish you a nice weekend.


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