January 18, 2017: Announcement


I hope you are having a good week.

Before next class, please:

1) Read pages 553 – 561 (up to point 5 in section 2.4 Interim Summary) in: Smith, M. U. & Siegel, H. (2004). Knowing, believing, and understanding: What goals for science education? Science & Education, 13(6), 553-582.  Article can be found in Connect.
– As you read, think about a tension between belief and knowledge that you have experienced in an educational setting and that you would be willing to share in class.

2) Complete the conversation assignment by Friday, January 20th at midnight.

3) Read over the consent form from the Rick Hansen Foundation (download here). I will bring paper copies to our January 23 class which you can sign if you consent to being filmed on January 30, when our guest, Marika Van Dommelen, from the Foundation will be with us for most of the class.

4) Read through the assignment options in the drop-down menu at the Assignment tab on the course site.
I have detailed 3 potential assignments (Teaching Philosophy, The New Curriculum, Representing Knowledge). You are welcome to pick one of these, or design your own. Please bring your questions to class as I will set aside time on January 23 to answer these.


Also, please note:

  • I have posted the class slides in the Resource section.
  • Should you wish to know more about:
    • (the non-existence of) Learning Styles, see here.
    • retrieval practice, see here

Thank you!

Wishing you all a good rest of your week.


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