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  • What are the greatest benefits and challenges of teaching in the new curriculum?

After speaking to my school advisor she believes the benefits are that the new curriculum is more hands on and therefore the students can be more engaged. She also loves the focus on critical thinking it has and the ability to be more creative with the students. However, she has noticed some challenges like having to guide students towards “deeper” questions for their own inquiry projects. Also since students are now following their own interest, especially in her grade seven, it is hard to conference with 30 students to make sure they are all on the right track.


  • What implications are there for you, as someone entering the profession during this time of transition?

For me as a new teacher I never worked with the old curriculum and therefore never knew what it was like to have it. This new curriculum is all I’ve ever learned or experienced so far so it is good in that sense however coming into the profession with zero experience as a teacher I feel like I have very little guidance or examples to go off of and a lack of resources. I am not sure where to take all this freedom that the new curriculum is giving teachers.


  • What questions/concerns do experienced teachers have about implementing the new curriculum?

Some of the concerns my school advisor voiced were the lack of training the teachers were given about the new curriculum and the Big Ideas are too broad and it is hard to know where to go with them. Another big concern was the lack of examples on how to implement the new curriculum and the lack of resources available to teachers. All concerns I also have as a new teacher myself.


  • What do experienced teachers want to communicate to parents about the new curriculum?

In terms of communication to parents, my school advisor has voiced that she would like the parents to have patients and understand that teachers need time to get a grasp on the new curriculum and right now it may not all flow and they are trying new things and parents need to respect and understand that. However, she does want the parents to know that there will be hands-on experience and students will explore learning through their own interests and passion.


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  1. Isabeau Iqbal says:

    The lack of training is a concern I’ve heard repeatedly and that, I am hoping, will be addressed in a helpful way. I believe you and your peers (i.e., all beginning teachers) will play a very important role in shaping the implementation of the new curriculum. There will be a fair bit of ‘ground-breaking’ and opportunity to model.
    Thank you for this Laurence.

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