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My SA is optimistic about the new curriculum. Although at times it can be overwhelming, and frustrating to re-format lessons they have been using for 20+ years, the overall sense of the new curriculum is optimistic. My SA has been very proactive in integrating “inquiry” in science and social studies, and is always researching new lessons that better address the “big Ideas” of the subject. That being said, there are still many things that she has been using and adapting over the years that still meets the requirements of the new curriculum. She can find it challenging to find good resources for the science/socials units, but has done a great job and modifying online lesson plans to meet the needs of the students.

One challenge that we spoke about has been assessment. Last term’s report cards were difficult as the standards were still being decide by the district. Newer/adapted categories such as “Applied design, skills and technology” and “Career Education” were challenging, however the district decided they would only be marked for those in term 3. It was a learning curve for both myself and my SA. Together we have been learning more about the new curriculum, overall she has be proactive and active in implementing the new requirements.

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  1. Isabeau Iqbal says:

    Your post highlights how resourceful and creative teachers are! Your SA is not only creating new materials and using new approaches, but also adapting existing materials, and making choices about what still works/needs to be modified. This is not surprising, but I thought your text provided a great illustration of the creativity in teaching.

    The transitions involved in implementing the new curriculum will provide many opportunities for co-learning and co-mentoring. You and your SA seem to be doing a lot of this already!

    Thank you.

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