Announcement: February 1, 2017

(Blue text added February 3)

Hello all,

A few announcements:

1  Assignments are due by February 8, 2017. FYI: Two people approached me about doing their final assignment together and I accepted their proposal. I wanted to let you know that working as a pair is an option. If you are interested in pairing up, please email me with your proposal by Friday, February 3 at noon and I will let you know if you can go ahead by Friday evening.

2  No assigned reading for the last class on February 6.  However–if you haven’t already done so–please read the Calvert & Moorman article that we weren’t able to get to last class (that article was assigned reading on January 23, 2017).

3  Please bring a laptop or other portable device on which you can access the internet to the last class.  Please also bring your pencil crayons or felt pens (we may or may not be using these art supplies–I haven’t quite finalized the last class. I don’t think we’ll be getting to this afterall…so no need to bring).

4  On February 6, our overall theme is “Knowledge/curriculum and 21st century learning” . I’m excited to learn from Benjamin, Jordan, Anthony, and Emma, who have kindly agreed to demonstrate how they use Fresh Grade and/or Prezi in their teaching. Thank you in advance! If there are others among you who have used a particular technology in your teaching and would like to share your experience, please contact me by the end of today.

5  I will be setting aside time during class for you to complete the Student Evaluations of Teaching.

6 Follow up from Marika’s session:  

  • A few of you asked about the cost of having Ambassadors come to your school. Cost = FREE!  You can contact Marika for further information.  Marika Van Dommelen <>
  • For those who wish to have additional ideas on how to be more inclusive in PE and other physical activities, you can contact Marni Abbott (, BC Wheelchair Basketball Society) or visit Let’s Play (apparently they also can come do class visits and teacher ProD)
  • Barrier Buster grants from Rick Hansen Foundation are available–consider applying with someone from your school! Imagine getting $30,000 to help the children participate more fully in the curriculum….

Thank you and I wish you a good next few days.

Kind regards,


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