Teaching philosophy

Revising your teaching philosophy statement

Due: Anytime between February 2-February 9, 2015

Instructions for a successful assignment

You all wrote a teaching philosophy statement as part of your Inquiry 1 Seminar with Anne-Marie Bilton.

Given everything you are learning and experiencing this term, I presume that updating your teaching philosophy statement might further improve it.  This assignment provides you with a chance to revise your philosophy statement and asks you to “talk to me” about the learning you have done in this course and it’s impact on your teaching philosophy and/or approach to your practice. By “talk to me,” I mean annotate your teaching philosophy and indicate to me how it has changed as a result of what you have learned in this class.  You may annotate it by writing your comments in “comment bubbles”, by inserting text of a different colour throughout the philosophy, or by writing a reflective paragraph at the beginning or end. You are also welcome to use audio or to annotate it in any other way that will be apparent to me.

Please draw on class discussions, at least one scholarly article from the course syllabus, and lectures in class (including class slides), as you annotate your teaching philosophy statement.  You may, of course, draw on other readings, but one of these should be from the EDST 403 syllabus. You do not need to reference more than 1 reading.

If you would like to see some examples of previous students’ work, please see here or visit the Resources section.

Your statement should be 1 page maximum. It can be in French or English.

Instructions for submitting the assignment:

Submit your assignment as a post through the course site. You can type your philosophy directly into the post or upload your teaching philosophy as a Word file or PDF. If you are uploading a file, please name it [Your last name]_TP_2015. doc. If you have an existing blog on which you have posted your philosophy statement, you can send me the link.

View the screencast below for instructions on how to submit the assignment.  Remember to toggle the “Teaching Philosophy” radio button in the Category section before you publish your assignment otherwise it will get lost elsewhere in the site.  As with other assignments, you can choose to make the visibility of this assignment public or  private (private means only you and me can see it).

If you would like to see some examples of previous students’ work, please see here or visit the Resources section.

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